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It might sound hyperbolic, but we found Leah to be an absolute godsend. Her peaceful strength helped us to have an incredibly profound and powerful labor experience, and we feel lucky to have found her. 

During our initial interview, her calming and thoughtful presence was almost palpable, and one of the reasons we knew almost immediately that she would be a great fit. Her pre-labor consultations were informative and adjusted to our specific needs/requests, and through them, she provided us with all the resources we needed to enter our birth feeling empowered and (sounds crazy, but) almost excited! 

She was readily accessible for questions/concerns from the moment we contacted her, and throughout the entire labor process stepped in to make sure the birthing team was informed of— and really making an effort to— respect our birthing wishes. Her intuition is extraordinary. During moments of calm, she knew when we needed to just rely/reconnect with each other (and helped to facilitate this!), and in moments of slight chaos she knew exactly the type of support we both needed (and we're two incredibly different people to comfort). And she did this all in the midst of a pandemic with shifting social and hospital protocol. The hospital birthing team even commented on how wonderful she was after she left. 

Following the birth, she went above and beyond by connecting us to additional resources and even calling at the hospital to check-in. Post-labor meetings really helped us to process the whole experience and move into our new world as a family unit with grace. We truly believe we couldn't have done this crazy, life-changing thing in the way that we wanted to without her. She's absolute magic.

Dana / Brooklyn

Leah Morrison is gentle, kind, professional, intuitive, and is a great doula! She agreed to be my doula at the very last minute, about 2 weeks before my due date. I was very relieved to have her on board. When we got together, I was impressed with the level at which she retained info from my intake form and how she really clued into the subtleties of it. She asked all the right questions, addressing some important things I didn't even think of myself. I went into labor two days late, and called her, and she got to the Brooklyn Birthing Center even before I did. She was very attentive and knew just when I needed her to do something. It was a short labor and birth, but very powerful, and I was glad to have her presence and to have shared the experience with her. She knew afterwards how long to stay and when to leave to let my husband and I relax with our new baby. Two weeks after the birth, she came over to give me and my baby a cranial sacral therapy treatment. It was very cathartic and great for both of us. Leah is very calm and nurturing. She was just the type of person I wanted at my birth. I highly recommend her.

Jessa / Brooklyn

As soon as I got pregnant I knew that I wanted Leah to be my doula as my past experiences with her craniosacral therapy had only been positive. Leah possesses an energy of calm, caring and healing support that is hard to come by in NYC. Leah didn't only offer exceptional help during my labor but provided me and my partner with caring and educational prenatal and postpartum support. In our prenatal meetings, we talked through the stages of labor and practiced many of her massage and birthing techniques so we had a wide repertoire of helpful tools at our hands for when labor started. This made me feel more confident and even excited about delivering my baby. Leah always made sure that all our questions and concerns were addressed. Leah stayed with us during the entire 24 hours of my labor until our baby girl was born. She had a very good sense of when to step in and help or give my partner advice on how to support me and when to give space. Two weeks after my delivery Leah came to my house for our postpartum meeting where we talked through my birth story and received a craniosacral session for both me and my baby! Overall I cannot imagine doing this without her help and support. Leah is throughout a truly passionate and dedicated doula, a role that comes naturally to her, and I confidently recommend her to anyone.

Naomi / Brooklyn

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