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Leah came to visit our four week old who was having latch issues and tightness in her neck. We had an intense birth experience so my lactation consultant had recommended this type of bodywork for us. I had no idea what to expect but our little one latched at the next feeding and hasn’t stopped since! We went from having the most stressful feedings, not knowing what would happen, to an easy latching baby. I cannot thank Leah enough!

Laura / Brooklyn

I first sought Craniosacral Therapy to help me with pain that I was having in my SI joint, I knew nothing about Craniosacral Therapy, the only thing I knew was that it was supposed to relax you. In my first session with Leah, I left feeling not only very relaxed, but totally pain free and with a wonderful feeling of being whole in my body.  


Leah is a great practitioner, patient, fully present and with a great sense of "hearing the body". Her relaxation can take me easily to a very comforting place.


In each session I get so many insights, sometimes it's very emotional, sometimes more physical; and sometimes it's more on an energy level, where I can feel warmth, vibrations or a feeling of energy traveling through specific parts of my body. Usually it's a combination of all of the above.


As I continue my research to find the best combination of approaches and therapies to help my condition I find Craniosacral to be  one of the most effective ones and Leah is helping me to get the most out of this practice.

I.B. / Yoga Teacher / Chronic pelvic pain

I came to Cranial sacral therapy out of curiosity, and after the first session I was hooked. The healing nature of this work is very palpable. I always leave a session feeling better then when I came in and the experience of relaxation and restoration is unparalleled.


Leah's work has touched and helped so many aspects of my life. It's brought comfort and ease to my body. It's helped with emotional issues and trauma. it's also brought nuance to my spiritual life. There is a spiritual side to this work for me, as it gives me such deep peace and attunement, not just to the body, but to the unconscious and to the mystery of life itself.

R.M. / IT and musician / Neck, jaw spasms and stress

Worked with Leah for the last year and found her to be very intuitive and focused. Often I could feel the energy flows in my body while she worked on me. Other times I would fall into a deep state of relaxation or sleep when the table. A digestive issue in my stomach has significantly improved while working with her. After a treatment my body feels better aligned.  I would recommend others to work with Leah.   

D.D. / Real Estate Professional / High blood pressure & digestive problems

I was curious about craniosacral therapy because I wanted to start lowering my medication for depression plus I wondered if it would help with my anxiety. With Leah’s gentle, honest, and helpful demeanor, I trusted that I was in good hands with someone who was not only very gifted but also who cared. During the sessions, I often felt elated and opened up with echoes of those feelings afterwards, and I often had mental and psychological breakthroughs that I carried forth to work on in my own time. Miraculously, she even fixed my right arm which for no explained reason had had a twisted posture for 5 years. Leah also taught me to be active in my own body-awareness meditations which I could do anywhere like in the train or while walking, and this always grounded me and gave me the realization that even during difficult times, my body was Ok which then made me feel better and less in my head.

Anonymous / Artist / Depression and anxiety

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