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Who can it help?

Because of its gentle nature, everyone can benefit from BCST including newborns, pregnant people, elders, the frail and ill. BCST is beneficial for a wide spectrum of difficulties from common aches and pains such as those caused by sitting at a desk every day to complex pain disorders to anxiety, depression, and trauma. BCST also serves those seeking to become more fully embodied and achieve clarity of mind and direction in life.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helps with:

  • head injuries and headaches

  • TMJ disorders and dental problems

  • whiplash

  • impingement of cranial nerves or spinal nerves

  • left-right imbalances

  • musculoskeletal injuries - sprains, strains

  • trauma - physical, sexual or emotional abuse, loss/grief, surgery, anesthesia

  • PTSD

  • birth trauma

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • ADHD

  • autistic spectrum disorders

  • sensory processing disorder

  • circulatory/respiratory/digestive disorders

  • organ dysfunctions

  • learning difficulties

  • neuro-endocrine problems


BCST is also an excellent preventative therapy as it can resolve imbalances that could later lead to illness or injury.

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